Can You Trust Your Online Trust?

The microchip has enabled us to make just about anything on our own.   But we should be wary of the consequences.  There are many quips along the line as cheap can be expensive, you get what you pay for, etc.  And when it comes to estate planning, the costs can be significant. 


Many people choose to purchase online trusts to avoid probate only to realize that they didn’t get it notarized or the notary used an outdated acknowledgment language.  Or they failed to fund the trust with the family residence or forgot to after refinancing or moving.   Trusts are useful instruments but they need to be utilized correctly and the assistance of a professional versed in the instruments is advisable even for the brightest of us.

Do-It-Yourself has its place and time and can even provide comic relief like when Han and Chewie were forced to make repairs while the Rebels were hiding out on Hoth.  not to mess with the Millennium Falcon 

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize what they are getting themselves into  because the business model of these online services do not stress the importance and significance of these documents.  Instead, they make commercials and ads showing how easy, simple, and cheap it is to put together an estate plan.  A good estate planning professional takes the understand to find the complexity and nuances in an individual’s life.  Online products are not able to ask you the non obvious questions and address difficult choices.  Even if validly executed, they are difficult to customize to plan for a special needs individual, who could be forced to choose between an inheritance or eligibility to Social Security Disability Insurance or other government services.  

Individuals and families who choose online estate planning services also seldom think about other very common scenarios that require careful consideration and planning such as family business successions; blended marriages; children with substance issues, etc.   A well-designed estate plan makes sure that your resources get where you want them and that they are used in the way you instruct. 

When it comes to estate and financial planning, there is no way to compare online plans to professionals because they aren’t offering the same service.

The good news is that we are here to help you out.  We offer transparent and fixed fee pricing and can guide you to a specific plan that will work for you.  

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